Things To Do Before You Step Out Of Your College Life

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The journey of college life is a vital part of everyone’s life as we make countless pleasant memories during this time. After stepping out of your college ground, you will apparently fancy for that campus life and will come to have regrets for the things you did not do. But if you are still a college-goer, then minimize that list of grieves and regrets by maintaining your own personal list of things that you will certainly do before completing your graduation.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Student ID Discounts

There are many saloons and restaurants which offer discounts on their services when you provide a valid student ID proof. Such discounts and offers are made available to college or university students only. You should use those rebates as much as possible as once your identity as a student ceases to exist, those slashes will also be a thing of the past.

Bunk Off Classes

It is rightly said that these are not the lectures which you will remember after a while, but the memories you have made. You may not be tempted to attend each and every class in a college, unlike your high school. Do not feel guilty if you sometimes bunk those classes which are not much essential and go out for movies, day outs with your best friends, get some sun and enjoy your favourite food and beverages.

Confess To Your Crush

Spine-chilling? Of course! But revealing your feelings to someone about what you feel for him/her always gives pleasure in the end. After your college life, you both may have different paths in life. Most probably you might not even meet each other after your college. So, pour your heart out before it is too late!

Make Random Friends

Such opportunities are most likely not to come after your college life. So, make random friends and chill out with them. Go at the bashes where you are friends with no one. Make companions and friendship with at least one stranger and have fun.

Sneak Into A Restricted Area

Enter some places in or out the campus area which have a restricted entry. After all, who does not like to have such type of whoopees?

Take Membership In College Organized Clubs

Every college organizes clubs with different spheres of activity like dance, drama, political and even non-profit clubs. Become an active member of at least one club or event in your college to gain exposure and learn some new things. Participating in such activities might also give you irreplaceable, lasting memories.

Vote In Student Elections

As now you are graduating, you are no longer unimportant. You have to fulfill your responsibilities to participate in student union elections and leave behind a strong support system and legacy for the next batches. Vote for those student leaders whom you think will live up to the institution’s standards.

Go For Free Treats Arranged By Political Leaders

During student political elections, contesting parties often arrange for free movie tickets, restaurant coupons, disco parties, etc. for the students in order to get more and more votes.  Indulge yourself in such treats for who will give you such free delights after the campus elections. But make sure to vote for the best candidates.

Leaving aside the fun and frolic part, you must prioritize on personal and professional development and begin the preparations for your chosen career in coming days.


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