Why Did Sonu Nigam Quit Twitter As Abhijeet’s Account Got Suspended?

Sonu Nigam
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Abhijeet Bhattacharya, the renowned Bollywood singer’s Twitter account was suspended after he posted offensive comments against women, especially JNU activist Shehla Rashid. However, what came as a shocking after-effect to the Bollywood fans is that Sonu Nigam, another popular singer quit Twitter. He left behind 24 tweets which he addressed the media and Twitterati about his reason to quitting the networking site. With his tweets he compared the micro-blogging site with porn shows in theatres. According to him, people have stopped being humans and have come down to become Muslims, Hindus, Indians, and Pakistanis and they are proud being that!

Sonu Nigam accused Twitter of being “one-sided” platform with “hate all around”. On Twitter he says goodbye to his 6.5 million followers. He further adds, “you can wake up someone who’s sleeping, but cannot wake up one who’s pretending to sleep when he’s awake”. According to him the social networking site contains “some nationalists, some just cold blooded pseudos.” He tweeted, “People blessing you on one hand; and some wishing Death upon you. Even some young Girls and Boys and Kids behave like terrorists”(sic). In one of his tweets he also defended Paresh Rawal and mentioned, “If a woman can endorse a picture of Gautam Gambhir in the front of the Army jeep, why should Paresh Rawal be accused for doing the same. On the same note he added that as Arundhati Roy had the right to give opinion about Kashmir, then “billion Indians have the right to feel let down too.”

In an interview with a Twitter Spokesperson, The Wire brought forward the following quote, “We do not comment on individual accounts but what we can say is that our rules are clear and we enforce them. We want people to feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs but we draw the line when it comes to behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior designed to consciously harass, intimidate, or silence another person’s voice. Those that violate our policies may find their account temporarily locked and/or be subject to permanent suspension. We encourage anyone who spots someone engaging in abusive behavior to report the content in-app or file a report.”


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