Why Siddharth Anand Didn’t Cast Hrithik Roshan For Rambo Remake And Went Ahead With Tiger Shroff?

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In an ideal world hunky actor Hrithik Roshan would be the perfect choice for the Indian remake of the Hollywood action classic “Rambo.” But in the real world, the actor is keen on pursuing better projects. When director Siddharth Anand announced that he would be remaking “Rambo” industry circles were abuzz with whispers that Hrithik Roshan would be the leading man. That isn’t the case apparently. The actor is believed to have not taken up the film as his last collaboration with the director tanked at the box office – “Bang Bang”, remember?

And so, director Siddharth Anand decided to rope in Tiger Shroff instead to play the titular role. Speaking on the same, Anand said that Tiger was the “apt choice” for the role. ““I was certain I wanted a young boy for it. Tiger (we) felt (was) just a natural and apt choice for us. Fortunately, he loved it and came on board,” quoted Siddharth in an interview to a news service.  With regards to Hrithik, Siddharth said clarified that he had approached Hrithik to discuss about the film in a friend’s capacity. “Hrithik and I were clear we wouldn’t do another remake immediately after Bang Bang! (the official adaptation of Knight and Day). We are working on multiple ideas”, explained Anand.

Moreover, he also added that Tiger’s selection for Rambo was organic. Once the scripting was complete, the director spent a lot of time in deliberation on which actor to cast for main role in the remake. Siddharth was certain that he wanted a young actor to “fill the big shoes”. Luckily Tiger agreed to do the part and all things fell into place.

Siddharth emphasized that Hrithik is a dear friend and that he had seen the poster of the film two days prior to it’s unveiling at the Cannes Film Festival. Siddharth also added that Hrithik felt that Tiger is perfect fit for the role and a ““notable asset to the industry owing to the discipline and dedication” that he possesses.  That’s not all. Hrithik is also doing his best to spread the word about the film.

The bigger boost obviously came from the original Rambo himself – Sylvester Stallone. The legendary actor took to Twitter and congratulated Tiger Shroff and the team for the film. Apparently, the film’s  first poster has garnered positive feedback. People who have seen it are particularly raving about Tiger’s rugged avatar. “Tiger has made waves with the poster,” remarked Siddharth.


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