Review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Well, Xiaomi launched their new smartphone Redmi Note 4 in January 2017, it’s a successor to their Redmi Note 3 phone, which is one of the best selling of Xiaomi in India, therefore, it’s obvious that Redmi Note 4 has to fulfill all the expectations. Redmi Note 3 grabs a huge popularity in India, and this phone also fulfill all the expectations. Now India will be a global platform launch for Redmi Note 4, this means that this time company has made it upgrades on the basis of feedback from Indian consumers. Jai Mani, product manager of Xiaomi India said that their new phone, Redmi Note 4 comes with the upgrades which are based on the feedback from Redmi Note 3 users in India.

Redmi Note 4 launched in January and many people are still worried whether to purchase this or not. Well, you are at right place to find out the reasons that the smartphone is a better upgraded version or not. Below we share some valuable information regarding the Redmi Note 4 in terms of usage and other parameters. That will help you to decide whether to purchase it or not.


There are a lot of changes in the new Redmi Note 4 despite the size is similar to Redmi Note 3. Redmi Note 4 thickness 8.4mm, unlike it, was 8.7mm in Redmi Note 3. The weight of Redmi Note 4 is slightly increased, you can feel the weight of this phone when you hold both the phones in one-by-one. Redmi Note 4 has more attractive design than the older one Redmi Note 3. The new phone comes in full metallic body which looks cool.

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The speakers of the phone are shifted from rear to bottom edge, which is good so that when your phone is placed on a table, you will hear the better sound in comparison to older one. The micro USB/ charger port is mounted in between the drilled holes of the speakers in the bottom edge of the phone, which looks more aligned and better than the older one. This same design also used by the Redmi Pro. The New Note looks far better than the older one and its sound is less likely to obstruct free.

Fortunately, the new phone looks better from the front too. Chamfered edges are used in the new phone, that’s why you can see that borderline which is in the older one is missing from the new one, and it is good. Bezels are still present in the new phone, but there is a new layout that makes screen good. Because this time Xiaomi introduced 2.5D curved glasses, which makes it far better and easier to the eye. This time the earpiece, front camera and proximity sensor are in a symmetrical way, which makes more difference in new Note in comparison with the older one.

On the top edge of the phone, the places of the headphone jack, IR Blaster and Primary Microphone has changed. Whereas the power switch, SIM tray, and volume buttons are on the same places. The quality of the buttons has improvements and now they are better clickable and solid than the older one. Overall, the company has made better improvements in the design which is far better than the other Redmi Note series, and that was required badly. The conclusion is that this you will get absolutely stunning phone with great feel and look. Xiaomi has made significant improvements in Redmi Note 4 in terms of design, especially the 5.5inch full HD IPS display that attractive the front part of the phone. The major difference is the addition of 2.5D glass on top, which gives so much natural and better feeling while running your fingers.


People should not expect that much quality of the display in such price. But luckily the IPS LCD display of new Note is quite excellent for an LCD display. In past, most of the manufacturers using AMOLED displays, and this time you will see LCD display having good quality can compete with AMOLED in a surprising and impressive way. But, there are some pros and cons are here, but don’t worry the cons will not interfere in your way of enjoying the bright and colorful display. The 5.5inch Full HD (1080p) display of Note 4 has a great density of 401 PPI (Pixel Per Inch).

Image Credit: PhoneRadar

There are black levels on the display which giving the feeling of an LCD panel. One more thing you will notice in the display is that black is grayer than anything on the display when the phone is used indoor and the brightness level is more than 40%. The panel is perfectly viewable under the sunlight. The auto brightness of Note 4 works great. Overall we can say that the Note 4 has good sunlight legibility. Viewing angles of the display are quite good too. This will give you more fun while watching videos.

The contrasts levels of the Note 4 are quite good, but not up to the mark. But the colors level are quite impressive. The digitizer also gives excellent experience, as every touch is working without any error, also the multi-touch works pretty well.   


Redmi Note 4 comes with the latest operating system of Xiaomi, MIUI 8.0. MIUI 8.0 is excellent operation system, this gives a massive competition to the standard Android operation system. MIUI 8.0 is only familiar to Xiaomi phone user. If you are going to use this operating system the first time, then you should know that there is a different section of settings of standard Android OS. The drop-down notification bar has been improved from MIUI 7. In additional, you will get standard Xiaomi icons in the notification bar, which looks pretty good.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 InterfaceRedmi Note 4 would come in India with Global ROM with latest stable version. For Nougat you have to wait for some time till stable release for MIUI 8. But according to Hugo Barra, Redmi Note 4 would support for Beta MIUI which is based on Android Nougat 7.0. Make a note that MIUI 8 will not bring up much eye candy, but it does some great improvement in terms of better text rendering, video editing tool, enhanced power saving mode and new Notes app.  

Xiaomi always gives better customizations in the phones which are replacing Google service by default. While China doesn’t use Google app that’s why Xiaomi is always work in a very deep in terms of customizations. But in India, Xiaomi offering most of the pre-installed Google apps in their phones like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Play Movies, Drive, Maps, Photos, Plays Music etc.

You will get few more pre-installed apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, WPS Office and Amazon Kindle and much more. But most of the apps like Music Player, Explorer, Mi Community, Mi Remote, WPS Office, Gallery, etc, are resourceful. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Remote app is one of the most used app my Xiaomi users. Mi Remote app allowing you to use of IR Blaster feature of the device, which allows you to control various IR operated appliances such as Air Conditioner, Televisions, etc.

Let’s talk about points for appearance, Redmi Note 4 has 5 pre-installed themes including, Default, Ocean Breeze, Rose, Pink Blush and High Life. Apart from this, you can also download thousands of free and paid themes online. You can also install separate category for wallpapers, fonts, and ringtones and apply them. There is also Mi picks app in the phone where you can get handpicked apps from Xiaomi for your phone. There is a wide range of categories available such as Educational. Password Manager, Photography, Games, Emojis, Movies, etc. Don’t worry about the storage, new Note has come with Hybrid SIM slot that allows you to use a microSD card to expand the storage of your phone.

Talking about Multitasking, you might be noticed that MIUI is inspired by iOS, and you can see this in app switching interface as well. If you open so many apps on the phone, then you can browse the opened app through the list and select the desired app you want to open. There are few functions are available including lock the app from clearing up the list, see the preview of opened app, etc.

Switching between the apps in Note 4 is pretty easy, even switching between heavy apps is also managed by MIUI in a pretty good manner. If you have 4GB ram in Note 4, then you don’t have to worry while running so many apps on the phone simultaneously. Note 4 will handle multitasking in a pretty well manner.          

Hardware & Performance

Redmi Note 4 comes in India with Snapdragon 625 processor. Redmi Note 3 had Snapdragon 625, Hexa-Core Processor, and Redmi Note 4 comes with Snapdragon 625, Octa-Core Processor, which is introduced by Chipset manufacturer. This processor comes with 15nm FinFET technology which is rarely used. This choice of Xiaomi is excellent because they offer lots of upgrades in performance. Snapdragon 625 is a best-in-class processor in performance for thermal heating as with 14nm FinFET technology. Because Qualcomm had used to manufacture this chipset which makes it powerful and efficient simultaneously.   

The gaming experience of Note 4 is also improved in comparison with Note 3. You will not face any issue regarding graphics lag.   

Moving towards the Fingerprint sensor, it is on the rear side of the phone. The sensor is surrounded by a ring that shines and give the attractive look at the back side. This is similar to the older one Redmi Note 3. The sensor of the Redmi Note 4 is quite good and fast, just touch your finger and the device gets unlocked. Even you don’t have to on the phone while pressing the power button first. Just put your finger on the sensor and the phone will unlock. In addition, MIUI allows you to use the sensor in locking the apps too and taking selfies.


Redmi Note 4 has come with excellent camera in this price range. But make sure that it is not perfect in all the aspects of the camera.

Let’s start with the technical points of the camera sensor, Redmi Note 4 come with 13MP image sensor while it’s a predecessor Redmi Note 3 packs had a 16MP image sensor, though, it will be a downgrade in terms of camera megapixel count. But make a note that if camera output is good then the megapixel count is not so important. Redmi Note 4 has great color reproduction, this is what Xiaomi has made the major improvement in the camera, it becomes better while using HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode.

Moving towards the sensor used by Xiaomi, the 13MP rear module is supported by PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) Technology and the dual tone color temperature flash. The camera comes with 5P lens setup.  

The front camera of Redmi Note 4 is not improved much because it has a 5MP resolution sensor, that was also in the Redmi Note 3.


Nowadays, battery capacity is one of the top priority while purchasing a smartphone. You have to wisely choose a smartphone based on his battery usage. There are lots of smartphones who offer massive battery performance, but they doesn’t tend to last as much they offered. But Xiaomi always makes their customer happy in terms of battery life of Note series. Because their smartphones continuously improve their smartphones, can give efficient and good performance towards battery life.  

Battery capacity of Redmi Note 4 is 4100mAh. This battery capacity is quite impressive. There are 2 power modes are in MIUI 7 i.e, Standard and Advanced mode, but in MIUI 8 you will get the different name but the functionality will be same. In Redmi Note 4, there is only ON and OFF function, where OFF mode means MIUI would not restrict the background activities of the phone, and in ON mode it will restrict all the background activities when possible.  


After the availability of 4G Networks in India, the growth of 4G enabled smartphones has increased rapidly over the last year. Redmi Note 3 supports 4G VoLTE, therefore, it was obvious that Redmi Note 4 will also support 4G VoLTE. Redmi Note 4 support 4G VoLTE in both the SIM cards, unlike Redmi Note 3. The upgraded modem of the Note 4 will ensure that the download and upload speed will be better in 4G network than the Note 3. While taking and making calls, the sound is clearly audible on both the ends.

IR Blaster is also available in the Note 4 like the Note 3 because IR Blaster app is one of the most used apps in Note 3, that’s why Xiaomi again adds this feature in Note 4. IR Blaster helps you to control AC, TVs, etc. which is having infrared control.

Redmi Note 4
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