Rajinikanth To Join Politics

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Reports were rife that South megastar Rajinikanth is all set to start his innings in politics. That Tamil Nadu’s politics has been going through a rough patch is well-known, so the news of Rajinikanth joining the state’s political ranks surely brought some respite in the state’s corridors of power. However, it turned out that the news was merely a rumor at the time.

Given the restraint he has shown from being in public, it makes sense for the story to be a no-show, but recently reports are ripe again that Rajinikanth could be deliberating on the possibility of a future in the state’s political circles. In an interaction with his fans in the city of Chennai, the superstar actor did not officially declare about his political outing though he did drop some strong hints which suggest that he is likely to turn a politician soon. “I have my profession, my job. I have some responsibilities and you have your jobs. Go back to your places and do your job. Let’s meet when it’s time for war,” said the 67-year-old.

Experts and commentators who have been following the news remarked that perhaps Rajinikanth is being pursuing to join politics. “His speech today is perhaps enough indication that he is under tremendous pressure (to join politics). But people close to Rajinikanth believe that he may have given a hint but still not join politics,” quoted Dhanya Rajendran, Editor-in-Chief, News Minute, to a news daily.

The entire hullaballoo about Rajinikanth joining politics began earlier this week when he repeatedly said that he had no intent of stepping into politics, however, “If God wills it, I will enter politics tomorrow.”

If that happens for certain; the next big question being asked is: will Rajinikanth become Tamil Nadu’s next Chief Minister?


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