The Rajamouli Jinx: Will Prabhas Be The One To Break It?

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There is no doubt about the fact that Baahubali: The Conclusion is one of the biggest hits that Indian cinema has seen so far. It would only be natural to assume that the epic success of this movie will cement lead actor’s Prabhas’ career. But industry insiders and producers aren’t quite so optimistic. The reason? They’re afraid of a jinx.

To be a bit more specific, Tollywood seems to firmly believe in the SS Rajamouli jinx. It is a common belief that after delivering a hit with Rajamouli, the leading actors in his movies aren’t quite so successful at the box office with their next movies. Many Telugu filmmakers are wary of this myth despite it having been called ‘silly’. The belief is fairly widespread and, unfortunately for Prabhas, it is supported by statistics from the box office.

One of the first people to ‘fall victim’ to this myth was Jr. NTR. While he was able to find enormous success with movies such as Simhadri and Student No. 1, the movies he did afterward did not do well at all.

Jr. NTR wasn’t the only one. Ravi Teja was another ‘victim’ of this myth. While his movie Vikramarkurdu was a box office blockbuster, his next, Khatarnak, was a crippling flop.

Even Prabhas wasn’t immune. First, there was Chatrapathi, a superhit. Then came Pournami which was an unmitigated disaster.

It is no wonder that this time around, not many are optimistic about Prabhas’ career. He is currently working on a film called Saaho with director Sujeeth and it is no secret that these two are facing a big challenge. Not only do they need Saaho to do well for its own sake, they need to bust the myth that leading men who have previously worked with SS Rajamouli, will not see box office success afterward.

While all this speculation is going on, the actor himself took a break and visited the United States. He has been going through various scripts so that he can decide upon his next venture. In fact, it is rumoured that out of the films he has shortlisted, one is a Bollywood film and a love story, no less.


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