Know What Unrealistic Expectations Men Hold From Women

Expectations Men Hold From Women
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Indeed, you have your own expectations from your dream girl; but you seldom realise that we are just women not super women. Guys, we love you, but some of your expectations from your respective women are just not realistic. Following are some of our limitations and if you stop expecting these from us, trust me, our relationship would flourish like never before.

1. Be Skinny And Curvy At The Same Time

Before you expect your girl to have the perfect body type; please ask yourself, do you have the perfect body type? Most of the guys want a girl to be slim but not skinny and have curves at the right place. Dear boys, please clarify you love us or only our body; we’ll set our priorities accordingly. Every woman has a different body type and there is no way that our body would adapt according to your expectations. So, please adjust!

2. Stop Being Friends With Other Male Counterparts

Isn’t it very unrealistic that you expect us to be outgoing and smart, but you expect us not to be friends with our male colleagues?  True, we may be into relationship but does that give you permission to be over-possessive about us?  It is absolutely not correct; it’s a woman’s right to decide who she should speak with and who she would disregard.

3. Read Men’s Mind

Well, well, we understand that men seldom show their feelings to everyone; but they do feel. Then what’s the harm in putting your troubles into words? How can you expect your women to read your mind, know about your troubles and heal those accordingly? You don’t even want us to be nosy and asking you questions after every mood swing of yours and then you expect us to know you, understand you, support you, and be compatible in absolute terms. Is it realistic? Think!

4. Be Unemotional Towards Our Parents Once We Get Married

Now that’s something very cruel and selfish, isn’t it? I got married to you and as per the custom; I left my parents’ house to settle down with you. But ultimately, I am a human being; and emotional too. How justified is it to forget my parents and become unemotional towards them?Plus, you expect me to start showering all that care, love and attention towards you and your family overnight. Aren’t you expecting too much too soon?

5. Show Care, But Don’t Call Them While At Work

Okay, so you don’t like us to call you quite often at work to check whether you have had your lunch, whether you are having a good day at work or not. Indeed, no man would like the phone to ring up at the odd hours and distract everyone. But at the same time, you can’t expect us to show care to you either. The only way of expressing care for you while you are away is through phone calls. At best, we can resort to WhatsApp messaging!

Every relationship has some expectations from each other. The relationship flourishes only when the partners truly love each other and care for each other unconditionally. Unnecessary expectations and demands may lead to misunderstandings in a  relationship. It’s better that the partners give due time to understand each other for a happy life.


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