India vs. Australia Test Match: Does Steve Smith’s Action Amount To Cheating?

Steve Smith

Even though India has won the Bengaluru Test by 75 runs, the issue related to the Australian captain Steve Smith is not over yet. While many former players criticized Steve Smith, current fellow players chose to stand with their captain Virat Kohli.

In fact, while chasing the target in its second innings, Australia had lost 3 wickets, and then suddenly Umesh Yadav appeared to throw the 21st over of the Australian innings. The third ball of the over hit Stave Smith’s pads on which Umesh Yadav and the other Indian players made a loud appeal. The umpire immediately declared Steve Smith ‘out’.  An uncomfortable Steve Smith went to meet fellow teammate Mitchell Marsh, but Marsh could not give him a satisfactory answer. What happened after this will always be remembered in the world of cricket.

Steve Smith immediately looked at the dressing room and started pointing to his other colleagues sitting there to find out through the replays on TV whether the ball would have crashed into the middle stump or not. Indian players flocked around Steve Smith and Cheteshwar Pujara stood just in front of Smith, so that he would not be able to see the gestures from the dressing room.

According to the rules of the cricket, you can only consult with your partner standing on non-striker end to find out if the ball had hit the wicket or not, but Smith ignored this rule and asked his fellow players who were sitting in the dressing room. Indian captain Virat Kohli became very irritated by Smith’s actions and immediately asked the umpire to kick Smith out of the field. In the press conference after the match, Kohli said that Smith may have done this inadvertently, but he will complain to the ICC because Smith has made similar mistakes before as well and so he cannot take it lightly.

IND vs AUS Bengaluru Test
Image Credit: BCCI

Steve Smith, however, apologized for this move in a conference held just after the match and said that he was not aware of any such rule. Amid the continuous attacks on Smith, Australia’s player Peter Handscomb has come forward saying that he was the one who gestured towards Smith to take advice from us and that the Indian players are unnecessarily troubling Smith.

After this whole episode, the sportsmanship spirit of Smith and Australia has come under fire. While Australian Cricket Board (ACB) has defended its captain, former Australia captain Michael Clarke, along with former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly and Sunil Gavaskar have criticized Smith. According to the ACB, Smith’s intention was not bad and so the charge against him was unfounded. According to former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, Australia’s team always enters the ground with a wrongful spirit and this time they needed to be taught a lesson. Obviously now as this has happened, it will go a long way in driving home the message.


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