Girlfriend Anushka Sharma Said “You Cannot” To Virat Kohli And He Abides By It!


It seems Virat Kohli is an obedient ‘boy’ friend to Anushka Sharma as he could not disobey Anushka’s demand for maintaining a well-groomed beard. He just wants to keep her the happiest. So, all the Kohli fans who would like to see a clean shaven face of his, here’s sad news – he “cannot”. The couple that was unexpected to show PDA over social media actually did show off their great relationship on the social platform cutely.

Viral Kohli posted on Instagram a few days back that he is not ready to trim down his beard yet. He mentioned that “he is not ready to break the beard yet. Great job on the makeovers though. Kudos”. To everyone’s surprise, Anushka Sharma commented on the post of Virat where she said, “You cannot”. Now, if you are being over-curious over what happened next or whether it ended there, there is a big “No”. After Anushka commented, Virat obediently said “okay” and added a bunch of emoticons including a heart.

Love between Virat and Anushka is in the news and so much of it is before everyone’s eyes that fans have started speculating if marriage is on the cards soon. Or, whether the couple are thinking of moving in together. It is not quite common for Anushka Sharma to comment on Virat’s posts. However, Virat has always showed his love towards her through social media platforms. Earlier he called her his Valentine, and in another occasion left a Women’s Day message for her. However, Anushka never reciprocated to those. So, everyone is trying to find the answer to why has she decided to respond? ‘Virushka’ fans are waiting for Anushka to post a pic of hers and Virat or some good news from the couple’s side. Even though there were not many social media interactions in the limelight between them, two of them have been seen in airports and in parties together many a times.



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