Fitness Routine Ideas For A Complete Body Transformation

Fitness Routine Ideas

Is getting fit or staying fit no less than a challenge for you? While many of us find it hard to leave the comfort of a couch; some just can’t resist the smell or sight of food and therefore eat voraciously. You may also wonder at times how it is possible to shed kilos of weight in a span of few months. But let us tell you that staying fit does require your determination and dedication towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle which of course is supplemented by eating balanced diet.

So, if you are fed up by the false promises of mediocre trainers and are not able to see any prominent changes in your body shape, then it’s time to get motivated and strictly align your lifestyle with the following fitness routine ideas in order to see yourself getting completely transformed in a period of 3 months.

1. Always be Consistent

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Believe me, it’s not always about being quick in terms of taking up exercises and doing work-outs to help tone down your body because if you aren’t consistent in whatever you do, you simply cannot go a long way. So, consistency is one of the best mantras for maintaining the fitness of your body.

2. Set Practical Goals

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Don’t set unrealistic goals that can’t be achieved rather concentrate on developing a healthy lifestyle.  Take out just 15 minutes during morning time for a walk, do it unfailingly everyday and then see the change in yourself!

3. Pursue an Effective Exercise Regime

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The two most important facets of a good exercise regime are:

  • First is strength training, which means that you’ll be required to do this training 20 minutes a day and two times in a week. This form of exercise will definitely help tone your complete body.
  • Increased aerobic or cardio exercise. According to a report, one should take out 60 minutes in a day for an intense physical movement, like running, walking or dancing as these act as an excellent form of bodily exercise. So, are you up for it?

4. Control your calories

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For an overwhelming bodily transformation, you need to control your taste buds and not let it go haywire, right! It is very important because the calories that you burn through exercises and other things will then get balanced by the in-take of high calorie meals. So, be honest towards yourself and don’t let your taste buds make you go off track.

5. Stay Motivated

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Motivation is what keeps us going. There’s got to be a concrete reason as to why you want to leave the comfort of your couch and have a control on those mouth-watering dishes which you literally die for! Find out yours as it will help you to make things go in the right direction.

In the end, all that can be said is don’t give up on your fitness regime despite the ups and downs of life, just keep going and you’ll get amazed by the sweeping results within you.


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