Bigg Boss And Salman Khan Fans Will Cheer At This News

Salman Khan On The Set Of Bigg Boss
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For all of you who are fans of Bigg Boss and Salman Khan, here is some news to cheer about. Bigg Boss Season 11 is set to air much earlier than expected on Colors. In fact, this season is being favoured since it will air before other popular reality shows such as India’s Got Talent and Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

Those Salman Khan fans who were worried because of rumours that the star would not be hosting the next season can rest easy. Although there were fears that due to his commitments to his films, Salman wouldn’t be able to host Season 11, these fears were put to rest in early June when the film star announced his return for the latest season.

The format of the show will be the same as it was for Season 10, with both celebrities and common people being invited to participate. In June, Raja Nayak, the CEO of Colors, announced via video that the general public could start registering for the show. The format had proved immensely popular for Season 10, although that season was not without its controversies.

Season 10 of Bigg Boss certainly brought some changes to the format of the show and could easily be counted amongst the most controversial seasons of the show. It was the first time that common people were allowed to be contestants on the show. In fact, the show was eventually won by a commoner called Manveer Gurjar.

The controversy didn’t stop there. Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om, two of the most unpopular contestants were told to leave the reality show – the former after an altercation with Salman himself which resulted in the star declaring that if Priyanka continued on the show, he would no longer host it. The producers’ decision was a foregone conclusion – in the battle between Salman and Priyanka, Salman won.

Swami Om was chastised many times for his behaviour on the show. The godman, activist and politician, who is 60, resorted to acts that seemed to go from bad to worse. He was pulled up for breaking the door to the bathroom in his bid for captaincy. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Swami Om threw his urine at contestants Bani and Rohan. The godman was asked to leave the show but refused to do so. Eventually, security had to be sent inside to escort him out.

This was a new low for the show, which was reflected in the fact that many viewers expressed their disgust at the godman’s antics. However, in the long run, the controversy seems to have generated more curiosity. This fact is clear in the decision made by the Colors channel to bring the dates the show is to be aired forward.

Salman Khan and Bigg Boss fans will certainly have many interesting moments to look forward to in the latest season this year.


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