Abhijeet Bhattacharya Came Back On Twitter And KRK Had Something To Say About It

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Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan or KRK is back at it again, this time with a tweet about singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s return to Twitter.

The singer’s Twitter account was suspended last week after he posted tweets that were considered offensive. The tweets were directed at some women Twitter users and, in particular, against the JNU activist and student Shehla Rashid. In response to a link that she posted about BJP leaders and sex scandals involving them, Bhattacharya tweeted,

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Twitter was not amused and on May 24, the singer’s account was suspended. However, that didn’t keep him down for long. A week later, Bhattacharya created a new account and posted a video in which he said that he is against ‘anti-nationals’.

Of course, wherever there is a whiff of controversy can Kamaal R Khan be far behind? He definitely had something to say about Bhattacharya creating a new account, “Abhijeet Bhattacharya is most disgusting, Shameless person if he joined #Twitter again when Twitter kicked his ass n suspended his account.”

Not that this is the first such instance where Kamaal R Khan is concerned. The man cannot keep from inviting attention by making remarks and tweeting about whatever takes his fancy. He made the mistake of targeting SS Rajamouli of Baahubali fame and lived to regret it when Twitter users slammed his remarks. In fact, actor Rana Daggubati even blocked him.

His comments, always nasty in nature, didn’t spare the movie Sachin: A Billion Dreams either. Initially, he called the movie a documentary and tweeted, “…Sorry I can’t Jhelo it at all.” He then did an about turn and compared the movie to Dhoni saying that without songs or a hero and heroine, the movie (Sachin) has done 9-10 crore business and called it superb.

One thing is for certain; whenever there is any opportunity to draw attention to himself, Kamaal R Khan will take it and run with it as far as he can.


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