7 Novels Worth Reading To Give You Amazing Life Lessons

Novels Worth Reading
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There is nothing better than having a good novel to read. It helps in enriching your knowledge, deepening your intellectual insights and improving your language skills, besides giving you valuable life lessons. Here is a list of novels that everyone must read once in their lifetime even if you are not a reading enthusiast.

1. The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants

The Sisterhood of Travelling PantsWritten by Ann Brashares, this novel enlightens its readers about female friendships. The book explains that distance does not matter as long as the hearts are deeply connected. It celebrates feminal bonds and conveys its readers that a romantic connection is not necessary between two persons to stay banded. At the year of its publishing in 2001, the novel also became the bestselling book for young adults.

2. Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go“Never Let Me Go” composed by Kazuo Ishiguro is a thriller that leaves a deep impression of the complications that human relationships entail. The reader enjoys every bit of it with its piercing questions on humanity. The story revolves around three characters and is written in a very revealing and engrossing style.

3. The Outsiders

The OutsidersThe book by the author S. E. Hinton is about preserving your goodness even if the world tries to strip you of your human feeling. The writer started working on the novel at a very young age of 15. When published, it created a landmark with its offbeat story and content. So, whenever you feel nasty about the world, just remember this one.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a MockingbirdWhen ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” was first printed in 1960, it became both a critical success and an instant bestselling book. This astounding novel by Harper Lee imparts a worthwhile life lesson. It conveys an overarching message to accept people as they are and desist from changing others. The novel takes its readers to experience different shades of human emotions, such as innocence, hatred and love, cruelty and kindness, pathos and humour.

5. Who Will Cry When You Die

Who Will Cry When You DieWritten by Robin Sharma, a Canadian author the book contains 101 short chapters. Each and every chapter offers suggestions and solutions to face the difficulties of life and enhance one’s personal skills. Some of the mentioned suggestions include overseeing a day as whole life, significance of tree planting, lessons from some good movies, understanding about how to walk in life, maintaining goal cards etc.

6. Stargirl

Stargirl“Stargirl” written by Jerry Spinelli is a worth reading novel for young adults. It’s a story about one girl who is unique but breaks down during the baffling life experiences. However, in the end the character comes out to be stronger and more determined. The novel conveys an underline message that it might take some while to realize your potential but what matters in the end is how you come out of it with flying colours.

7. The Purple Cow

The Purple CowIn the book, the author Seth Godin asks us to be different. He sets a very inspiring example of a purple cow. Anyone passing on a highway glancing through a purple cow will stop over, take pictures and share the word with his peers but this will not be the case if a regular cow is seen. So, the novel asks us to be unique and most importantly to remain ‘who we are’ in every pursuit of life.

Now, all you have to do is get all of these novels and embark on an enlightening journey!


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