7 Bollywood Movies That Would Be Embarrassing To Watch With Your Parents


We all know that there’s an abundance of multiple movie genres in Bollywood Movies, but one thing that stands common in mostly all of them is the potential for a horribly awkward and an unsettling viewing experience. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid watching those movies. Just be careful about whom to watch with.

Of course, parents are always our theater companions. But if you choose a bollywood movie to watch with your parents or other elder members in your family, then avoid watching some movies as the following with them or else you will come out with a blue face.

1. Hate Story

Hate Story
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The movie came out in three series and all three of them involved many erotic scenes, out of which the first part was the most awkward to watch with parents and family. It depicted a story of a girl who becomes a high profile escort and featured super steamy scenes. So save yourself from embarrassment by simply turning off the television or switching to another channel in case your parents are around.

2. Ragini MMS-2

Ragini MMS-2
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For many, a combination of horror and love-making is a fun to watch. But with parents? Obviously No! This horror movie contains awfully uncomfortable scenes to watch with the elder ones. Hence, it should be completely avoided when your parents are around or else you will have to simply walk out with a dismayed face.

3. Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly
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This movie is amongst the A rated movies in Hindi cinema. The acting, treatment, story line, dialogues which included a lot of slang: all were a perfect layout of youth problems. You can watch the movie with your parents only if you can keep out your ears from turning red.

4. Gangs Of Wasseypur

Ganges of Wasseypur
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It’s a realistic movie that contains steamy scenes and shocking violence. Although the movie is worth a watch because of its incredible storyline, you should never watch it with your parents. Instead, buy a DVD and go to a friend’s place.

5. Margarita With A Straw

Margarita With A Straw
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It’s a must watch Bollywood movie, which showcases the journey of a girl who suffers from cerebral palsy. The film’s subject is very intent and the lead actress is simply outstanding. But there are some passionate and nude scenes between two females that will be quite unpleasant to watch with parents.

6. B.A. Pass

BA Pass
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In the film, a married landlady attracts and seduces a young guy and teaches him the art of lovemaking. The description should be enough to warn you! Or else your mother would start imagining all that wrong stuff like you have an affair with your neighbour.

7. Love Sex Aur Dhokha

Love Sex aur Dhokha
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The title itself reveals the details of the movie. Absolutely not suitable to watch with the elders.

You have been given a fair warning. Even when your family is open minded and super cool, you must exclude these movies to watch with them, so as to avoid instant regrets and fraught.


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