5 Signs That Show You Are Dealing With Too Much Stress

Stress At Work
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Have you ever been in such a phase of your life when you battled with stress all the time? Well, it’s quite likely and can happen to anyone, anytime irrespective of age and gender. During stress, it’s very difficult to feel your own self and therefore one becomes an exhausted shell of a human. While you may constantly get this impression that this stress is gradually sucking a whole life out of you, there’s a sense of inertia that overtakes you and you live through that difficult phase of your life without putting any efforts to ease your distress.

However, if you continue to do so, it only proves to be highly detrimental to your health and on the other hand, it makes worse the issues that are at hand. So, don’t adopt a casual attitude towards your stressed life and take some precautionary measures.

Mentioned below are five signs which will clearly show that you are dealing with a lot of stress:

1. Restless, Sleepless Nights

Restless and Sleepless Nights
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Paradoxically, despite having been greatly exhausted, when you are under stress it gets difficult to derive a sound sleep at night. You will experience restless or sleepless nights and couldn’t help thinking about your problems in life and work responsibilities. In this manner, of course, you can’t sleep and you will feel even more tired the next day, which will only add to your stress level.

2. You Acquire A Negative Outlook Towards Life

Negative Outlook Towards Life
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If you are constantly dealing with stress, then it’s quite likely that you will get depressed and acquire a negative outlook towards life. Too much of stress creates a dangerous tide of emotions, which creates an imbalance in the hormone present in your body; thereby making you feel disturbed and unsettled.

3. You’ve Become Excessively Emotional

Excessively Emotional
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If your body is coping with stress and a high exhaustion level, then the primal part of your brain becomes active and the other part numb. This will result in your becoming overtly emotional causing you to break down even over spilled milk or get furious if someone gazes at you.

4. You Get Angry Even At The Smallest Issues

Angry Even At The Smallest Issues
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When we are over-stressed, our mind becomes so heavy that it fails to logically analyze situations and information. As a result of which, we fail to develop tolerance towards other person’s mistakes and get angry even at the smallest issues. We become cranky, unhappy from within and develop mood swings.

5. You Become Habitual To Taking Drinks And Drugs

Drinks And Drugs
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When it becomes difficult to cope with stress, one resorts to taking drinks and drugs after a day of work to alleviate tensions. Gradually, it becomes a habit and gets to a dangerous level. You become a withdrawn figure and do not socialize much with people around. This leads to a further increase in the level of stress. In such a situation, you should seek someone’s help immediately and talk about problems with your closed ones rather than hiding it.


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